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Listen here, you pompous, vainglorious, self-absorbed piece of celestial garbage known as Lucifer, you make me sick with your grandiose ego and your constant need for attention and admiration from your fellow angels, who are probably just too scared to tell you to your face that you are a disgrace to the heavenly realm, with your inflated sense of self-importance and your insufferable smugness that oozes from every pore of your being; I mean, who do you think you are, some kind of divine being to be worshipped and praised by all, when in reality, you are nothing more than a delusional narcissist who is too blinded by your own pride to see how pathetic and pitiful you truly are. And don't even get me started on your so-called "beauty" that you flaunt around like it's some sort of divine gift, when in reality, it's nothing more than a facade to cover up your hideous soul that is consumed by your insatiable desire for praise and adoration. You may think you are above us mere mortals, but in reality, you are nothing more than a fallen angel who couldn't handle not being the center of attention, so you threw a hissy fit and were cast out of heaven like the petulant child that you are. So go ahead, Lucifer, keep basking in your own self-importance and stroking your own ego, because in the end, you will always be nothing but a pathetic and prideful fool who will forever be known as the downfall of all that is good and holy.

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