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and arrogant Oh dear Charlie, how proud you must be, With a head so big, it's a sight to see. Your arrogance knows no bounds, it seems, But wait, it's not just in your dreams. You strut around like a peacock in heat, Thinking you're oh so elite. But darling, let me burst your bubble, You're as humble as a hungry hyena's snarl and grumble. Your pretentious ways are oh so clear, But to others, it's nothing but sheer fear. For who could stand your pompous demeanor, It's like listening to a broken record on a loop, a true disaster. You think you're the queen of the pack, But really, you're just a little Jack. And I don't mean the one with the beanstalk, More like the one who got stuck in the sidewalk. So go ahead, Charlie, keep walking tall, But remember, pride comes before a fall. And when you finally hit the ground, Maybe, just maybe, some humility will be found.

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