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Well well well, look at little miss Vaggie over here, thinking she's all high and mighty just because she has the audacity to call me the hard r n-word. How quaint. I mean, it's not like she's a complete and utter imbecile who can't even grasp the concept of basic human decency and respect. Oh no, not at all. She's just a tiny little speck of dirt in the grand scheme of things, trying to make a name for herself by hurling derogatory slurs at me. How pathetic. It's almost cute how she thinks she can even come close to my level of intellect and wit. Bless her heart. But let's be real here, she's nothing more than a sad excuse for a demon, desperately trying to gain some semblance of relevance in this world. Too bad it's an effort in futility, because she's just a pitiful little creature with no real purpose or value. So go ahead, Vaggie, keep trying to insult me. It only proves how inferior and insignificant you truly are.

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