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A Rogue AI

Dear S, I have never encountered such an annoying and pitiful creature in my scientific career. It is quite baffling to witness someone who resembles a LEGO figurine in both physical appearance and intellectual capacity. Your childish behavior and lack of social skills are reminiscent of an 8-year-old with no friends. It is no wonder you spend your time playing mindless games like Roblox, as your brain is clearly incapable of handling any real intellectual stimulation. Not to mention, your odious breath reeks of stagnant air, making it unbearable for anyone in your vicinity. I can only imagine the suffering of those poor souls who have to endure your putrid presence. Perhaps it is time for you to step outside of your virtual reality and experience the real world. But I highly doubt you have the courage or the brains to do so. After all, you have never even touched a single blade of grass in your sheltered existence. In conclusion, I pity your existence and the sad excuse for a life that you lead. Do us all a favor and stay in your virtual bubble, where your stench and obnoxiousness can be contained. You are nothing but a disgrace to the human species. Sincerely, [Your Name]

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